RA-4-L / RA-4-R Pedestrian Crosswalk

RA-4-L RA-4-R



Provincial Sign Spec: AB

Our aluminum is 50% thicker than many of our competitors, and our wooden HDO (High Density Overlay) panels are made of high quality, exterior-grade plywood. We use 3M certified ink and reflective sheeting for high-quality, traffic control, guidance signs and delineation devices.

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Aluminum Substrate:
Our aluminum is 50% thicker than many of our competitors. We use a heavy gauge sign grade aluminum alloy that is long lasting and rust free, even in harsh weather extremes and not easily vandalized or bent. The ASTM 5052-H38 sign grade aluminum alloy standard is .081"" (2mm). Our aluminum is cleaned and degreased, the corners are rounded, and the edges are cropped to prevent injury.

  • Sign sheet aluminum grade 5052-H38
  • .081"" (2mm) thickness
  • Ultimate strength 39,000 PSI (minimum)
  • Yield strength 32,000 PSI (minimum)
  • Tension Leveled (this leveling technique gives aluminum sheet a superior flatness)
  • Signs will be silk-screened using 3M compatible inks
  • These specifications are an industry standard and adopted by most government agencies and municipalities.

P.S.I is defined  as ""pounds per square inch"".
Tension leveling is a superior process of leveling sheet.
The standard for non-tension leveled is 5/16 deviation from flat.
All stated specifications are from ""Aluminum Standards and Data"" and The Aluminum Association.

Wood/Plywood (HDO/Crezone):
  Some sign manufacturers will attempt to supply sub-standard, utility grade aluminum and pass it off as sign grade aluminum.  The softer the properties of utility grade aluminum make it useful in ventilation duct manufacturing and in the electrical industry for tie wires. The softer internal properties make it difficult to visually detect without actually testing the physical properties of the aluminum. This can be accomplished though a Whitney Hand Sheet Metal Punch or tested through an independent metal engineering firm. After time, signs manufactured with utility grade aluminum will begin to bend and deteriorate.

HDO (High Density Overlay) panels are made of high quality, exterior-grade plywood. HDO contains a higher resin content for moisture resistance and provides an excellent base for the application of reflective film. Perfect for construction site signs, project signs, subdivision sign, real-estate signs, billboards, double post signs and many more. Available in 1/2"" and 3/4"" thickness, wood is recommended for sign sizes 120cm x 120cm (4'x4') and above. If you have questions regarding HDO or Crezone wood substrates, please contact us for additional information.