Ver-Mac Trailer Mount Arrow Board - ST-4825 Pro - 25 Light - Solar Powered
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Ver-Mac Trailer Mount Arrow Board - ST-4825 Pro - 25 Light - Solar Powered

Product Code: 33112287

Ver-Mac's ST-4825 solar-powered trailer-mounted arrow board, offers the widest range of display option and 25LED lamps. The ST-4825 has been designed to make transportation, storage, and deployment easier. With the ST-4825's low operating costs and durable design, makes it a cost-effective option for securing your work zone.


Product Sheet



Stealth Technology

Ver-Mac’s innovative Stealth Technology design will significantly help reduce your message board battery maintenance and repair costs. Ver-Mac’s Stealth Technology was designed to eliminate two of the industry’s biggest issues: battery maintenance and battery theft. Ver-Mac’s Stealth Technology utilizes sealed maintenance-free batteries stored in a cleverly hidden battery compartment. The sealed batteries prevent the equipment from shutting down due to lack of battery maintenance. The hidden storage compartment deters thieves from stealing batteries. Both features ensure continuous performance of the equipment and reduce maintenance, repair and labor costs.


Improved Single Mast Design

  • Diamond Plate Maintenance Platform
  • Rugged Indexed Rod Mast Brake
  • Tongue Wheel Jack for easy and safe set up
  • Secure Support of Arrowboard for Transport
  • Safely Set and Turn Arrowboard to Traffic


Optibright Technology

  • Exclusive Energy-Efficient Lens Mold
  • Easier Replacement of Lamps
  • Autonomous No Hassle Performance


V-Switch Controller

  • Easy-to-use rotary switch to quickly select arrow patterns/mode
  • Real-time arrow, solar & battery status
  • Lockable control box for more security
  • Photocell with automatic adjustment


Smart Arrowboard (optional)

  • Plug & Play Set up
  • Lane Closure Start Location
  • Mode Displayed on Arrow Sign
  • Road Name & Mile Marker Where Deployed
  • Direction of Traffic of Road Where Deployed
  • Ability to retrofit existing arrowboards



  • Arrowboard protected in travel position - Safer to use and more efficient to store and transport
  • Low center of gravity reduces wind drag - Saving fuel costs
  • Angle the arrowboard independently towards traffic - Safely set and turn arrowboard to traffic
  • Easy maintenance platform - Diamond plates make it easy and safe to perform maintenance



  • Optibright Technology - Exclusive lens mold designed for super efficient energy consumption
  • Solar Panel - Provides maximum solar recharging during all four seasons
  • Solar Regulator - Protects the batteries against overcharge, over-discharge and short circuits. Both models are designed to run 12 months in most regions without manual charging.



  • Powder coating superior finish - Impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant
  • 4 adjustable telespar - For trailer stabilization and easy transportation
  • Tongue wheel jack - For easy and safe trailer set up
  • Removable tongue - Saves space for storage
  • Manual lift mechanism - For quick deployment
  • U-shaped cradle for arrowboard - For better support during transportation
  • Rugged indexed rod mast brake - The arrow can be positioned on 209 degrees (17 deg. increments)
  • Heavy duty plastic fenders - For durability and easy replacement
  • 2" coupler or 3" pintle eye - For easy towing


  • 48" x 96"
  • 25 LED lamps with Optibright Technology
  • 2 back LED lights
  • Overall length: 134"
  • Overall width: 96"
  • Operating height: 135.5"
  • Traveling width: 70"
  • Traveling height: 93"



  • Weatherproof battery charger
  • Smart arrowboard
  • Smart arrowboard retrofit



1 year on complete trailers. 2 years on electronic components manufactured by Ver-Mac. 


  • Size : Large
  • Type : Trailer-Mounted
  • Style : Arrow Board
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