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Solar Powered Workers Present While Flashing WD-156

Product Code: 35110001

Workers Present While Flashing - WD-156. Solar powered sign. 

Keep road users safe and alert. This sign is used as a warning beacon for road users indicating that there are workers active within the work zone. When the lights are flashing, this is a clear indication that whoever is occupying the road must drive carefully through the work zone, helping to keep all road users alert and safe. 


  • 120 x 60 cm orange warning sign
  • Two 20cm amber LED beacons (solar powered)

Purpose: This sign should be applied at long duration projects (5 days or more) where workers are present on the road surface (including the shoulders) and there is a speed limit reduction. The amber beacons should be turned off when workers are no longer present in order to maintain sign effectiveness. 

This sign is regulated by the regulatory government bodies of: Alberta. REMINDER: Please review your order for provincial regulations before purchase.


ATS Traffic is a 3M certified fabricator. All signs are manufactured at our facility in Edmonton. 3M reflective sheeting products are the choice of ATS Traffic and of most major Canadian government agencies and municipalities.


3M Diamond Grade (DG) Reflective Sheeting:

A state-of-the-art, full cube prismatic reflective sheeting that delivers optimal performance at most sigh distances. Its optical elements return almost 60 percent of available light to drivers - nearly double that of other prismatic sheetings. Diamond Grade sheeting meets ASTM Type IX and ASTM Type XI. It is designed as a replacement for many types of reflective sign sheetings in use today.


3M High Intensity (HI) Reflective Sheeting:

A reflective sheeting with a unique construction providing high levels of retro-reflectivity for multiple traffic and commercial situations. Non-metalized microprismatic lens reflective sheeting is designed for production of reglecctive durable traffic control signs. Exceeds ASTM D 4956 Spec Type III and IV.


Flat sheet aluminum is the most common substrate for long-to-permanent use signs and is our #1 substrate. Our aluminum blanks are manufactured at our local production facilities. Our standard signs are manufactured with radius corners, 7/16" holes for mounting and comply with the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).
Our aluminum is 50% thicker than many of our competitors. We use a heavy gauge sign grade aluminum alloy that is long lasting and rust free, even in harsh weather. The ASTM 5052-H38 sign grade aluminum alloy standard is .081" (2mm). Our aluminum is cleaned and degreased, and edges are cropped to prevent injury.

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